1. General provisions
Agent automated self-service system "e-Kvytok" (AASS "e-Kvytok") is designed to use the Internet: • ordering and payment of travel (transportation) documents (followed by printing and receipt of travel (transportation) documents at the box office); • ordering and paying for electronic travel (transportation) documents and providing a boarding pass.
2. Registration
Prior to registration, read the Public Offer Agreement, which is posted on the AASS website "e-Kvytok" www.e-kvytok.ua (hereinafter - the Site) and after confirming your agreement with its terms, register. To register, place the cursor on the inscription "Cabinet", which is located on the right side of the main page of the Site and click the left mouse button. Then move the cursor to the inscription "Registration". In the registration window Enter: your e-mail address; your chosen password (at least 8 characters) or use a strong password generated by the system; in the relevant fields your name and surname; contact phone number (optional); check and enter the series and number of the student ticket in the field (students only); to establish a mark on agreement with the terms of the Public Offer Agreement; check the "I'm not a robot" box. Then click the "Register" button.
3. What should I do if, after paying for the order, the order form does not appear on the screen and does not arrive by e-mail?
It is necessary to select the item "Current tickets" in the "My office" tab. The "Current tickets" page stores and displays all your successful orders that are still valid for travel.
4. What should I do if there is no information about the completed order in My office?
Send a message to support. In the message indicate: the date and time of the order; the user's e-mail address; the exact amount debited from your account. Train, car, seat, etc. number optional.
5. What should I do if my PC crashes, disconnects, etc. when paying for the order?
Before repeating the order, open the "Current tickets" item and make sure that your order is not there. If you have received information about debiting your account, call the support service and ask the next engineer to check the absence of the order. Only then can you proceed to re-order.
6. How long before the train is sent do you need to print a travel document (ticket) at the box office?
Only the Order Form is subject to mandatory conversion at the checkout. The travel document can be printed from the moment of receipt of the order form and before arrival of the train to station of your destination. But practice shows that the earlier you print a ticket - the better. We recommend contacting the ticket office no later than one hour before the train leaves. WARNING. The exchange of boarding electronic documents for regular tickets stops 1.5 hours before the train leaves.
7. How long is the money returned to the card if the order for some reason was unsuccessful and the money was written off?
The financial service of the enterprise summarizes all payments for the next business day. In case of discrepancy of data on successful orders and executed payments, the reasons for discrepancy are investigated. Only after that the debited amount is transferred to the same card.
8. Is it obligatory to print the order form to exchange it for a travel document?
It is not necessary to print the order form, but, if possible, it is better to print it out to avoid mistakes when writing down the order number and conflict with the ticket cashier.
9. Where can I print the ordered tickets?
In any automated railway ticket office of Ukraine.
10. How to pay for tickets through your site?
Tickets are paid by Visa or MasterCard.
11. Is it possible to order tickets at a student discount?
Yes, this service is implemented on our service. During the registration of the travel document it is necessary to additionally indicate the series and number of the student ticket and after checking the validity of the student ticket in the database of the Ministry of Education and Science the discount ticket will be issued.
12. Where can I view completed orders?
Your order forms are sent to the e-mail address specified during registration. In addition, the list and content of your orders are stored in the tab "My Cabinet" item "Order History".
13. Why doesn't the system show the train I need?
The system does not display trains in which, at the moment, there is no free space.
14. Why are there no vacancies?
Questions to the passenger service of Ukrzaliznytsia.
15. Is it possible to cancel an order made through your site?
To cancel an online order, you need to go to the user's office, then - the section "Valid tickets", select the ticket you want to cancel, then click "Refund" and "Create a return request".
16. How soon will the money be returned to the card if you cancel the trip?
Depending on the bank, crediting funds to the card takes from 3 to 30 days after processing the refund request.
17. When does the sale of train tickets open?
Travel documents are issued 45 days (for individual trains - 60 days) before the departure of the train. For trains of the category "Regional train" - 10 days before the departure of the train. On trains of Intercity, Intercity + category, the sale opens 30 days before the departure of the train. Advance ticket sales for the first day of sales for all trains start at 08:00.
18. Which trains are available to sell tickets for 60 days?
At the moment, tickets for the following trains are on sale for 60 days:
- № 4/3 Zaporizhia - Uzhhorod;
- № 7/8 Kyiv - Ivano-Frankivsk;
- № 7/8 Kharkiv - Odessa;
- № 12/11 Kyiv - Novooleksiyivka;
- № 12/11 Lviv - Odessa;
- № 15/16 Kharkiv - Rakhiv;
- № 17/18 Kharkiv - Uzhhorod;
- № 29/30 Kyiv - Uzhhorod;
- № 26 / 36-25 / 35 Odessa - Lviv, Rakhiv, Przemysl;
- № 38/37 Kyiv - Zaporizhia;
- № 51/52 Lviv - Wroclaw;
- № 63/64 Kharkiv - Kyiv;
- № 67/68 Kyiv - Warsaw;
- № 79/80 Dnipro - Kyiv;
- № 81/82 Kyiv - Uzhhorod;
- № 89/90 Lviv - Przemysl;
- № 92/91 Lviv - Kyiv;
- № 106/105 Odessa - Kyiv;
- № 108/107 Odessa - Uzhhorod;
- № 117/118 Kyiv - Chernivtsi;
- №145 / 146 Lviv - Uzhhorod;
- №705 / 706 Lviv - Przemysl;
- №715 / 716 Lviv - Przemysl;
- № 738/737 Kyiv - Zaporizhia;
- № 749/750 Ivano-Frankivsk - Kyiv.
International non-stop cars with:
- Kyiv - Kosice (as part of trains 81 / 8861-8862 / 108/30);
- Kyiv - Wroclaw (as part of trains 749 / 51-52 / 750);
- Kyiv - Vienna (as a part of trains 749/145/32519/629/140 - 147/628/32510 / 146/750);
- Kyiv - Bucharest (as part of trains 117/959 / 381-380 / 960/118).
The list is subject to change.
19. Is it possible to book a place on your site?
The operation of booking seats on our site is temporarily unavailable.
20. What should I do if the system issues a message: "For technical reasons, your request cannot be fulfilled, please try the request later?"
Such a message is most often associated with a heavy load on the system. Repeat the request several more times or visit the site during non-business hours.
21. How to return to the main page of the site?
To return to the main page of the site from any page, hover over the system logo in the upper left corner of the page and click the left mouse button.